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The inspection

The inspection

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Backpacks also have "the difference between men and women"

A conservative estimate, Nanjing mountaineering hiking enthusiast has surpassed that of millions, may wish to take female lovers. Yesterday, a reporter at the show to see, United States women for the first time a brand Backpack Backpack concept. In the merchant"s upcoming "sky" and "Elf" series packs a sharp distinction between men and women. Reporters saw "Elf" woman backpack hip belt is conical, between the waist and hips, forming a larger distance. In addition, by means of special techniques, weight is shifted from the back to the waist with a backpack, leaving only a small "parts" in the shoulder, reduce backpack weight.

Technician says, "women"s backpack" and "male bag" system distinguishes between men and women according to the skeleton and reassemble the body structure. Many women when choosing a backpack only pay attention to color, style, ignoring the backpack carrying system the most important. In fact, women"s bodies than men in General short, slim. Due to the physiology of the pelvic structures, women walking with hip swing characteristics, while the female pelvis is larger than the male, if you accidentally select the men"s backpacks, belt appears don"t laminating, compresses the chest, shoulder strap bag is too long, unable to shoulder the weight transfer to hip problems, and cause problems such as diseases of the spine.
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